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For any of you  that enjoy the pictures/sketches of my Great Dane  Gossamer, he now has a blog page that I will be updating with all Goose All the time :)

Come on over and take a look see.

Galloping With Scissors.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Chicagoland Expo!
Things have been so busy!!!!

Between working on cards for the Clone Wars Rise of the bounty Hunters set and giving Gus all the attention... ever, I've hardly had time to breathe. But I wanted to alert all those people in the Chicago area that I'll be in Caroll Stream, IL this weekend for the Chicagoland Expo. Please come and see me, I will be there Friday-Sunday. :) Here's a link for directions and more information.

If there is anyone out there who cannot live without a commission from me, please send me a message and perhaps I can bring it along this weekend. There will be all kinds of other great artists there to make me look like a hack, so come on out and make it a good show for all involved.

For commisions, email me at darla@outofthemyst. com with "Commission" in the subject line. :)

Hope to see you all this weekend!

My convention sketchbook is now available. :) If you'd like one, all you need to do is send $10 to my paypal account, that includes shipping (, tell me what you would like sketched inside and wait patiently! Don't miss out on plenty of Dames and Danes, there are tons of both. The cover is glossy color with a black and white interior in this 20 page bookie! That is all.
So I've made a blog. I am notoriously bad at updating my website, and thought this might make it a little easier :)

Please come by and visit, I'll be previewing art, talking about upcoming shows and actually updating regularly. I hope to see some of you there.
Off to Chicago this weekend, anyone in the area should come out and see me at the Chicagoland Expo. Lookee... The sparkly and talented Corbett Vanoni will be there too. :) Come on out!!

What a great weekend. ^^  I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of the most talented artists/writers I know.  

Katie Cook(  and Ryan Wilcox arrived on Friday to spent the weekend at Casa Ecklund. It was seriously my pleasure to play host to these two.  They are so easy going and genuine, and anyone who loves my dogs...aces in my book.  At the con Katie is a star, each and every one of you should see it just once. ^^  And Ryan is the best eye candy/booth babe I think I've ever met. ^^

As always, getting to be a part of the little Jess Hickman(, Grant Gould( and Michael May group is always a privilege.   They always keep me laughing. What could be better. All that beauty, talent and brains in one place... jiminy cricket!
There are no three like you in the World....of warcraft. HAH!

And Paul Taylor( can everyone here say dreamboat. Not to mention his art makes me squeal like a little girl. It was so lovely to actually get a chance to talk about things on our trip to get everyone hopped up on caffeine.

Now onto the new and amazing people Allison Sohn!!!  Holy mackerel what a shot of energy! I LOVE her! She is indeed the idea girl, and Adam Hughes in the middle of a meat sweat with a towel on his head will be a memory I have forever. HAH!

Meredith Dillman( was, in a word, wonderful.  She is so quiet and lovely.   And she makes the prettiest  most delicate art ... WOW!! I will post an insanely beautiful picture she did for me.  *hugs you*

It was also just a delight ....actually even scrumtrelescent... to meet Ms Shatia Hamilton..(  She does things with photoshop that give me weak knees.  *hugs*  And she could not be more lovely.

Who many more wonderful faces.

I'll think of more and post them with con sketches.  All in all. a great weekend.  Chock full of laughter and amazing friendship, pick handcuffs and the World...of warcraft.



Mon Oct 2, 2006, 8:15 AM
Image Description

Just under the wire for FallCon (this weekend, St. Paul fairgrounds) I will be presenting the first ever Darla Ecklund sketchbook. O.O 24 pages of sketchiness and a lovely original sketch of your very own in the inside front cover. Ta Da!!

Thank you to my friend Jess for turning up the heat with threats to my beloved Aragorn statue (you heartless vixen). O.o

If you are interested in getting one of these puppies, leave me a little note here. ^^  I'll set up a little paypal dealio in a couple days. I'm thinking $7 with a couple thrown in for shipping. That's right, for $9 all this can be yours ladies and gents.

Inside you'll find faeries, vampires, star wars, wizard of oz, character designs...(all that in one sketchbook you say! It's can't be true)...oh yes. it is. ^^

Get them while they're hot... the first ever "Help Save Aragorn" sketchbook!


Back on the cards

Tue Aug 29, 2006, 9:51 AM
Image Description

This summer has been a whirlwind of life.
Cards were finished, and now I've signed on to do more. ^^ In addition to a couple other projects that are coming up.

I'll be at Minnesota FallCon, so anyone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on the weekend of October 5-6, please stop by. ^^


Almost Done!

Wed Aug 16, 2006, 6:46 AM
Image Description

I'm almost done with the Lord of the Rings Sketch cards!  Woohoo!
This has been the most fun, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to do this again sometime for Topps.  It's been a great experience, albeit a little absorbing.... O.O

THere are previews of my cards up on this site…

Just click on my name (Darla Ecklund) or choose it from the pull down menu. ^^
I'm pretty happy with these cards, and fell so lucky to be in the company of the artists working on this set. ^^


As soon as I finish up these cards, I'll dive back into commissions and get them all done. (thank you for your patience to those of you on that list)



Mon Jul 31, 2006, 7:16 AM
Image Description

This entry is as much for me as it is for the world. I wanted to write a little list of the things I've got brewing this week.

I started my LOTR sketch cards voer the weekend, and they are coming along quite nicely, slowly, but nicely. I am quite happy with how a few of them have turned out. ^^  I think I need to start doing less detailed cards, and speed up my pace some if I really expect to get 206 done by the 18th.

Wizard World Chicago is looming this weekend.  For anyone planning to attend, please stop by table 3129 and say hello. I would LOVE to see some of your smiling faces. ^^ Until then I will be frantically printing  and trying to pull my array of crappola together to make the trip on Thursday.

For those of you waiting for parcels to be sent out, I will do my best to get them shipped this week, but most likely, it will be one week from today. I'm sorry about that, but maybe I'll toss in a little something extra for being patient.. ~.O

So much to do... ^^  It's all good though.  This is what I wish for every day.

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Devious Journal Entry

Wed Jul 26, 2006, 9:09 AM
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Well, I'm going to say it out loud....
I have just sent off contracts to Topps to do sketch cards for the Lord of the Rings Masterpiece card set. O.O
I am really excited to be involved in this set. There are so many other great artists involved, Grant Gould, Jess Hickman, Katie Cook, Tom Hodges, and Cat Staggs just to name a few.  It is such an honor to be included in that group. ^^

Other news, I am doing a very small run of Limited Edition prints of the Seasonal Fae paintings, 10 sets to be exact. They will be sold as a set for $120. The first set is spoken for, but 2-10 are available. Either comment here, or send me an e-mail. (
I will also be making regular prints that will be sold individually for $17.

What else....the Nocturne painting, for which the lovely Jessica Hickman was so kind to sit for, has been purchased and will go to live in it's new home in England.

Last Day!!!

Mon Jul 17, 2006, 6:29 AM
Image Description

After today I will not exist on this computer for a whole week!! As of 9:30 tonight, I am off to California for a week of motorcycle boys, good friends, sushi, sunshine and ocean with the sexiest boy I know.
I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this trip. WooHOOOOOO!
I'm not even going to think about all the stuff I have to get done when I get back, for now, I look forward to a whole week of no responsibility aside from what fun thing I want to do today... ^^

Craig and I are returning to Monterey for MotoGP, the best race on two wheels! I can't wait to be a total dork amidst all the other motorcycle people, this year without coming back to Craig getting shot.

For those waiting for vampires, I will write so much when I get home that you'll be sick of them. ^^

Well that's about all I have to say right good. Imagine me surrounded by beautiful bikes and boys. ^_____^


Time is flying man!

Tue Jun 27, 2006, 10:40 AM
Image Description

This year is moving by in a flash. It seems only yesterday that I was wishing it were June so that my trip to Cali would be only  weeks away. O.O
Be careful what you wish for. ^^

With California only three weeks away, I have so little spare time to mess around. I'm busy getting ready for Wizard World Chicago, which is almost immediately after I return. Hopefully I'll have time and energy to finish all the paintings and projects that I want to get done. O.O


I'm going to offer a free print of choice to whomever is visitor number 3000. Jeepers, 3000!

So take a screen shot if you are that person, and note me with it. Thanks all for making those pageviews add up. XOXOXOXOX

Still available for a short time is the sketch/commission offer put forth in my last journal entry, here:…

Get em while they're hot... O.o And thank you so much to those that have already taken me up on this offer.


The Ecklund FIRE sale

Fri Jun 23, 2006, 11:35 AM
Image Description

The begging.

Some of you who know me will get the joke...We recently had a fire at my little house. In the garage. It's taken a toll on our cash
flow, so I'm offering up a bargain here today.

What do I have for you fine people, you may ask? Well, I am thinking about two different approaches. First off, I'm thinking of selling off some sketches previously done, or the other way to go, offering up some commissions for a limited time.

Take a look at my gallery here, and see if there's anything that tickles your fancy, email me, and maybe we can strike a bargain.
There are some that are off limits, but most I'd be willing to part with for a reasonable offer.

Next on the list, commissions. These are going to be pretty simple: $35 bucks gets you a character of your choice.
If you read my livejournal or come here, you know that I don't really do sketchy sketches, so what you've seen, is what you get.

That is all.

Contact me ( or leave a comment here. I can be flattered into being easy. ~.O (not really...heh)


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Time for an upate

Tue Jun 6, 2006, 9:07 AM
Image Description

It's been a long time since I've updated anything but some paintings here. ^^

I finally finished up the Borrowed Boys tale for Kelly (hippiechic567), and have now returned to writing Tangled, the story that those lovely vampires live in normally.

The Wizard of Oz card set that I did work on came out May 31st, and so far things seem to be going well with sales. ^^  There are lots of the sketch cards, including some of mine, up on ebay so go check it out. ^^

I had a wonderful weekend with my dear friend Bess. She arrived Thursday night and stayed until Monday, it was glorious to be able to sit and have a conversation in person.

6 weeks and I'll be in California watching the fast motorcycle boys. Ooooooh.


Happy Birthday Hippiechic567!

Sun May 7, 2006, 4:57 AM
Image Description

My wonderful friend Kelly is having a birthday today, well at least for a few more minutes. hehe.

One of the things she asked for for her birthday was a little bit of fun with a couple of my characters, Dorian and Jackson. I've been writing about these vampire boys for a couple of years now and she's been kind enough to read everything I've written about them, so I started for her a little romp. Some have probably seen pictures of Dorian if you frequent this journal....he's a favorite around here. ^^

Anyway,  it's posted in my gallery, my first bit (or bite...) of writing. This is just the foreplay, but it was great fun to write.

Happy Birthday Kelly. ^^


Tue May 2, 2006, 8:24 AM
Image Description

Thanks to everyne who reponded to my little ebay sales question. I really appreciate all the input.

The weekend was pretty nice, mostly rain, so the flowers in my gardens are really starting to fill out and green up.

Sunday was MicroCon. It's always so much fun to go to the local cons. Lots of familiar faces and good times. I shared a table with Jess Hickman, check out her amazing work at her website ( We were next to Grant Gould ( also a terrific artist, and Michael May ( We laughed most of the day. There was lots of sketching and making fun of each other. ^^
Paul Taylor ( who does the wonderful Wapsi Square comic spent some time hanging out and chatting, he did sketches for both Jess and I that kicked some major butt!

Grant did a wonderful Darth Maul sketch in my book, what a happy little fan girl I am. ^^

All in all, it was a really fine day. It really makes me look forward to FallCon.
Anyone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area should make sure to come out for that one and say hey. ^^


A question

Thu Apr 27, 2006, 8:17 AM
Image Description

I was thinking last night as I worked on sketch cards sitting on my couch, and I want to put a question to some of the people that watch my gallery,  please be honest. ^^

If I were to start doing smaller scale paintings and putting them up for auction on ebay or one of the auction sites, do you think that they would sell.
Just curious.
It's not something I've ever done, so I have no idea.

Thanks for your input ahead of time.

2000! (and 6 actually) ^^

Thu Apr 20, 2006, 1:08 PM
Image Description

Thank you all so much for continuing to come to my gallery. ^^
2000 page views, that is so nice!

Well the winner of my little contest is Hippischic567, now she just had to decide on a print. ^^

News of the day...while working in the upstairs porch area, Craig lost his balance, and stuck his foot through the ceiling of my art room. O.O
He was so lucky to not have fallen out the window. From what I understand, there is a big old hole over my drawing table now. Hmmm. Well I've always wanted a skylight. O.o

Congrats Kelly. ^^